Jantje Arkema

daughter of Gerrit Jacobs Arkema and Hieke Van Dam


This is a family picture of Jantje Arkema and Hendrik Bulthuis and family taken in the Netherlands circa 1912.
Back row, from left to right: Jacob, Helen (or Hieke, or Ike), Garrit, Hemke, John (or Jan, emigrated to the US in 1913 with Helen and his wife, Hendrita). Front row, left to right: Grieto, Jantje, Frouwke (or Frauke), Hendrik and Herman.























Hendrik Bulthuis was the owner of a grocery store in Wirdum. He married Jantje Arkema on May 10, 1883. Jantje Arkema was born on Dec. 30, 1862 daughter of Gerrit Jacobs Arkema and Hieke Van Dam. Jantje Arkema was killed during the battle of the Canadians against the Germans on April 26, 1945. She was evacuated to the house of her son in law, Klaas Dijksterhuis, but the Germans were shooting from the German island Borkum, north of Groningen and hit the house. Hendrik and Jantje had 8 children.
1. Hemke (08/31/1883-04/28/1930) married Klaas Dijksterhuis (09/21/1877-1/28/1958) and they had three children: Harm, Jantje and Hendrik.
2. Gerrit (02/16/1885-11/10/1959) married Janita Kremer (4/2/1887-05/2/1974) and they had five children: Hendrik, Harm, Jan, Grietinus and Jantje.
3. Jan born Dec. 17, 1887 married a Hendrita (according to Ellis Island records). He moved to the US with Hieke (Ike) in 1913.
4. Hieke (Ike) born Dec. 23, 1889 married Edward Teune. They had six children: Henry, Grace, Jean, John, Peter and Garret.
5. Jacob born July 4, 1892 married Zwaantje Veldman (05/06/1887-11/21/1962). They had four children: Hendrik, Jantje, Jan and Trientje.
6. Harm (09/30/1895-09/08/1969) married Rikstje Van Eerden (11/06/1896-?, living in Groningen as of 1979). They had six children: Jantje, Beelke, Hendrik, Aliejantje, Alje and Hemke Gerritdina.
7. Grieto (08/20/1898-?) married Geertruida Paapst. As of 1979 they were living in Garrelsweer and have four children: Jantje, Harm, Hendrik, and Wiea.
8. Frouwke (04/23/1908-?) married Garrit Bos. As of 1979 they were living in Loppersum and have six children: Derkje, Jantje, Anje, Gerrit, Hendrik and Jan.


Here is a picture of Hendrik and Jantje Bulthuis.